Tuesday 10


This Week for Tuesday 10 I’d like to share…

Ten Ways I relax.

Maybe you do some of these yourself or you may find something helpful as well.

Sleep in late – I am always getting up early, even on the weekend and I can’t take naps unless I am sick.  It’s been that way for as long as I can remember, so when I am feeling a little stressed I sleep in later and just relax in the bed.

Eat Chocolate – This is why I always have a piece of chocolate stashed away somewhere it just helps me relax and settle my nerves.  Chocolate makes everyone feel better.

Chocolate bar compilation

Chocolate bar compilation (Photo credit: captcreate)

Read – reading a good book is like an escape and when I’m so caught up in a book I don’t think about my own surrounding and what’s going on with me.  Reading helps a lot.  My current read is The 5 Love Languages of Children, UnGlued Devotional and At The Feet of Jesus Devotional.

Take a Walk – talking a nice walk helps me clear my head especially if I am alone but even with my children I still get to unwind a little.

Listen to Music – music is another great way to escape from all that’s going on and just get a break.

IPod Nano

IPod Nano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Call my mom – Most of my siblings and I are very close to our mom.  She is probably always the first person we call when anything is going on with us.  So sometimes I call her when I am stressed and can’t talk to anyone else.  Imagine how hard it was when she had her stroke and lost her memory.

Deep Breathing – taking a deep breathe can go a very long way is helping you relax even if it’s very short lived.  Just keep taking those deep breaths.

Enjoy some family time – while my family may be the reason I need to relax, they are also great for helping me relax and take some time.  Just last week we had and dance contest and had so much fun just dancing and laughing.  Oh check out our uncut “Harlem Shake” video.

We really need to learn how to cut, edit and create videos but we had so much fun and that was the point of it all.

Take a long bath – taking a nice warm bath is the best thing that you can do when you need to relax.  Just make sure you have the bathroom all to yourself.

Baking – My family lived in NC briefly and after the birth of my second child I got postpartum depression.  My husband was working and I was home with the kids and since I didn’t know any one in the area the baby blues just took me over.  Baking was what I used to help me smile and relax.  Trying new recipes and baking goodies for others brought a smile to my face.  I still love baking check out some of the goodies I’ve made.



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    I haven’t read a book since I had my first son, almost two years ago. It’s sad. But hopefully I will get into that soon. Also, taking a nice long bath sounds so relaxing!

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