Wholly Wholesome Pie Facts & Recipe to Celebrate National Pie Month

Wholly Wholesome Pie Facts & Recipe to Celebrate National Pie Month


Who knew that there was a whole month dedicated to just Pies?  Well to celebrate I would like to share with you some awesome Pie Facts and a delicious recipes from the Wholly Wholesome Company.

General Pie Facts

o   Approx. $700 million in pies (approx. 186 million units) are sold in grocery stores every year. This does not include restaurants, food service or price clubs, only grocery stores.

o   Pumpkin pie was first introduced to the holiday table at the pilgrim’s second Thanksgiving in 1623.

o   90% Americans who believe a slice of pie represents one of the simple pleasures in life

Pie By the Numbers

o   36 million Number of Americans who identify apple pie as their favorite

o   47% Americans for whom the word “comforting” comes to mind when they think of pie

o   6 million Number of American men ages 35-54 who have eaten the last slice of pie and denied it

o   27% Americans who believe chocolate pie is the most romantic to share with someone special

o   1 in 5 Proportion of Americans who have eaten an entire pie by themselves

o   113 million Number of Americans who have eaten pie for breakfast

o   75 million Number of Americans who prefer to drink milk with their pie

o   32% Americans who prefer no crust on top of their pie

o   90% Americans who agree that a slice of pie represents one of the simple pleasures in life

o   9% Americans who prefer to eat their pie crust-first

o   7% Americans who have passed off a store-bought pie as homemade

o   18% Men who say their wife makes the best homemade pie

o   2% Women who say their husband makes the best homemade pie

Pie Personalities

o   If you love… You are likely to describe yourself as…

o   Apple Pie Independent, realistic and compassionate

o   Pecan Pie Thoughtful and analytical

o   Chocolate Pie Loving

o   Pumpkin Pie Funny and independent

Pie Preferences

o   More than one-third of Americans have eaten pie in bed

o   Nearly one in four women believe that they make the best pie – better than Mom or Grandma

o   More than one-third of Americans have craved pie in the middle of the night

 pie-shell-wheat copy

Apple Crumb Pie

6 medium sized apples (WeI like Granny Smith)
1/2 Cup sugar
2 Tbs corn starch
1/2 Tsp cinnamon
1/4 Tsp nutmeg

Mix together dry ingredients in a large bowl. Peel, core, and slice apples, toss with the dry ingredients until evenly coated, and sugar mixture is moistened from apples. Pack apple mixture evenly into a Wholly Wholesome 9” pie shell. The apples will be piled high, but will cook down some in the oven. Finish with crumb topping.

Crumb Topping
1/3 C light brown sugar
1/3 C all purpose flour
1/3 C rolled oats
1 t cinnamon
1/8 t salt
1/4 t nutmeg
1/4 C unsalted butter

Combine dry ingredients in a bowl. You can cut in butter with a fork or a pastry blender, or simply rub it in with your hands. Mix until butter is worked into the dry ingredients, it should look lumpy but dry. Smooth the crumb mixture over the apples.

Place pie on a sheet pan and bake in a 375° oven for about an hour (maybe a little longer). You will know the pie is done when juices bubbling out of it look thick, or a paring knife is easily inserted in the center and the apples are tender. The pie will sink down as it cools.



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