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These days saving money is pretty important especially when you have a family and you want to save money and stretch your dollars.  I’ve found a few apps that helps with saving money and stretching your dollar as far as possible.  If you don’t have any of these apps yet I suggest you download them to your phone and get ready to save and watch the money add up over the course of the year.  Here are some money saving apps for you to try.


Endorse is a free mobile app that gives you offers from 10% to 100% cash back on your favorite everyday brands whenever you shop in your favorite stores. No coupons to clip or print, no bar codes to scan, and no strings attached. You simply earn cash for buying the products you use everyday. Crazy, huh?
And using Endorse is easy. Open up the iPhone or Android app when you shop to see your offers and purchase those products in any store. Then simply upload a photo of your receipt from the app. BAM! Money.
Use Endorse every time you shop- the more receipts you upload, the more personalized your offers become and the more money you can earn. In addition to cash back, we’ll also give you points for every single receipt you upload to fund local school projects in partnership with even if you don’t buy one of your offers. Saving money never felt so good!

I personally use endorse and the offers update each week.  I have mainly used it to get cash back on diapers but I honestly sometimes forget to check and miss the deadline for my receipts.  For this app when scanning a receipt for an offer the date on the receipt must be within 7 days.  You must scan the entire receipt and the money is deposited into your Endorse account, you can then transfer it to Paypal.  It’s simple and easy to use.  So sign up now.


Although this isn’t really a money saving app per say it’s a great way to earn kicks and rewards towards gift cards.  I’ve gotten free $2.00 Target gift cards at least three times from this app.  Every where you go you can open the app and earn kicks when you enter a store.  You can also link your cards and earn points at stores like Toys R’Us and Disney Store when you shop and get to your gift cards even faster.

What is Shopkick?

We’re all familiar with traditional reward programs. Shopkick is a shopping rewards program that’s, well, more rewarding. No plastic cards, no confusing rules, no extra steps. You just do what you love doing anyway—walking into your favorite stores like Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, Crate&Barrel, Old Navy, Toys”R”Us, Exxon and Mobil convenience stores, and more—and you automatically rack up über-versatile points called “kicks.” No applications to fill out, and no purchase required. That’s right—you just walk in with your smartphone and instantly earn kicks.

It’s really that simple, and it’s free! Buying something? Just link your Visa or MasterCard, and you’ll collect even more kicks for purchases. Use your kicks to treat yourself to a free Starbucks latte or those amazing jeans you’ve been eyeing. Or save them up and splurge on the designer goods you crave, like Tiffany & Co. jewelry, NikeID sneakers or even a NYC shopping spree. It’s the ultimate guilt-free shopping experience.


I’ve been hearing great things about this app so I wanted to give it a try.  So far I have only had it a few days so I can’t say for sure how much I really like it.  When you are in the app it shows you offers, you click on each product and you can answer polls, learn a fact, share on Facebook to earn pending funds.  Then you go shopping and buy the product/s at the stores listed in the app and then scan your receipt to verify your purchases and just like Endorse you can send the money to your paypal account.

The other thing I like about Ibotta is that you can also donate your money to a local school.  It’s nice to see a company that is working with you to donate to your schools and help improve them.  They are still newer and constantly adding stores.  So if there aren’t stores in your area then write them asking to add more stores.  However they do have Walmart, which you can find just about any where.


I don’t know for sure how I ended up on Wrapp but I absolutely love using this app.  I send my hubby, family and friends free gift cards from the app and they get to use it at those stores.  I’ve gotten free $5.00 gift cards to The Gap, Office Depot, The Angry Birds Store, Sepora and more.  I also got $6 and $10 gift cards to H&M, plus they are always featuring lots of great free gift cards for other sites.  You have to be quick though the popular cards run out fast and they expire within 30 or less.

Also you should get the browser plugin I posted about that saves you money for online shopping.  It easy to download and it saves you time by making it easy to find online coupon codes.

I also recommend getting the Walgreens Mobile App.  It so easy to install and you have so much at your fingertips including weekly coupons just for you.  This is a must have for any Walgreens shopper.

Another programs to try is Jingit.  Where you earn money by watching ads online.  They also have an app you can download but I only have esperience with using this online.  I’ve earn a few dollars but if you commit to watching some ads daily the money can add up.

Embly is an online gifting site that lets you send gift cards to friends from store like Canvas Pop (which I love), Threadless, Mod Cloth, Ghirardelli, Shutterfly, and more.  It’s a great place to look for some great finds and you can ask friends to send you cards so you can pick up some goodies as well.

Viggle is an app that gives you points for watching TV.  That’s right you just open the app and you can see what shows are trending and just turn to that channel, get the app ready and let them know you are tuned in.  The app will scan to hear the programming for a few seconds and you earn points just like that.  Save them for gift cards and even some big ticket items.  The even have sweepstakes options to win prizes.

Old Navy Snap Appy is also a great app to have if there’s an Old Navy in your area.  They usually have some great deals to be found.

I hope you download some of these if you don’t use them already.  If you do what do you think of these apps and which ones do you use?  Do you know another money saving app?

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