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My family currently live in an apartment and if you’ve even lived in an apartment before you know how boring the wall can be.  You feel stuck and trapped with those boring cream walls and you don’t want to paint because you don’t want to worry about re-painting when it’s time to move.  We were in the same boat when we first moved but then I finally talked to hubby about putting up some pictures of us on the walls.  Next we did some awards and paintings in a few spots but it still didn’t do much.  Yes it’s much better than when we moved in but I think it could look better.  While browsing around some blogs I found a post about wall decals and I was intrigued.  I did some browsing and found Dali Wall Decals.  I immediately knew I was going to add some more pop to our walls and other places of our house.

decals collage

While on the site I found some great inspiration to make your walls totally transform from boring to amazing.  They had lots of great designs for children’s room, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and more.  If you want inspirational quotes, they have an entire section of custom decals for all kinds of occasions.

Image source: Dali Decals Website

They are not just for the home either.  They have some great decals on the wedding section of the site that can be used in your new home, reception venue, car, even on favors.

Image Source: Dali Decals Website

They have decals to fit any budget.  When I was shopping on the site I was in the section for $10 decals.  I was surprised that they had smaller affordable decals for smaller design projects.  Originally I was looking for some decals for my dining room and my kitchen.  I found some very cute options for decals for appliances and then I saw some small footballs that I thought would be perfect to decorate my son’s section of the kids room.  Of course since I got some for him it would mean I had to find some for my daughter as well.  I settle on some pink stars for her.

sports decals


Ordering on the site was a breeze.  I picked the designs I wanted and placed my order.  They communicated with me during every step so I knew when they received my order, when it was in production and when it was shipped to my house.  It took about a week from when I ordered to when it was shipped, so you don’t have to wait long for your designs.  I am not sure however if you have a larger order if it will take longer.

daddy install decals


Installation was a breeze as well.  They sent us directions on how to apply them to the walls.  We cut out your decals and it was much easier for us since they were small.  If you pick a bigger design they have step by step directions and I am sure it wouldn’t be hard if you had an extra pair of hands.  I know your probably wondering about removing it when it’s time for use to move.  Well since ours are so small it’s not hard at all and Dali Decals also sent us a rubber pic to help with removing the decals from the wall.  Here’s what they had to say on their website about removing the decals:

Dali Decals are easy to remove! Simply start at one corner, roll them down at an angle and gently peel off the wall. Some touch ups may be required, depending on the age or condition of the painted surface underneath as well as the type of material used for your decals.

I loved our decals and when we move into our own home we will definitely revisit their site to find designs for our kid’s rooms and other spaces in our home.  I highly recommend you visit their site and browse around for some ideas for you house and with prices starting at just $10 dollars its worth giving it a try.

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Disclosure: I was provided a e-gift certificate from Dali Decals to review products from their site.  Any opinions expressed are my own and how not been influenced.


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  1. Kathleen Kennedy-Leon says

    Love the mini make over. So simple too better than having to repaint & you can change out when bored.

  2. Kathleen Kennedy-Leon says

    Love the mini make over. So simple too better than having to repaint & you can change out when bored.

  3. says

    Ooooohhhh!!! I love things like this! I live in an apartment, so I can’t really paint and decorate to my heart’s content, so stuff like this is perfect! Thank you for sharing! :-)

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