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Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world.  You are constantly second guessing yourself and everyone swears they know how to do the job better than you do.  Even when you don’t solicit advice from others they offer it up freely and without even knowing it they sometimes makes you feel even worst as a parent.  As my children get older I feel the pressure more and more to become a better parent to them.  I know I do a good job but at times I still wonder could I do something different to help them become all they want to in life.  I want to share with you a product I recently had the opportunity to review that is helping me with my kids.  They are called Progress Cards by Scott Ertl, M.Ed.

I received the parent pack with a set of progress cards, a progress book and parent passes.  The progress cards helps your children with many different kinds of skills.  There are cards to help with bedtime routine, behavior, study skills, responsibility, bulling, dealing with being put down, friendship skills, divorce skills and so much more.  I personally wanted to help my four and five year old with their bedtime routine first.  The card started with steps from dinner time, set the table, eat, helping clear the table, use the bathroom, brush my teeth, floss, put on pajamas, put away dirty clothes, say prayers, write in journal/diary, got to bed by____, read, and lights out by ____.  I loved it right way, not only was is setting a schedule for them but it was also setting up other skills and even some chores to help around the house.  The kids loved it because after they performed each task they got a check mark.  We are now working on the siblings practice card and the sleep practice card as well.  You can get two free progress cards now by clicking the link.

The other parts of the kit include the parent passes and the progress book.  The parent passes are a great way to reward your child when they are making progress on their goals.  Some of the cards include things like a coupon redeemable for playing ball together, going to the mall together, making pictures to take to the Children’s Hospital, to color together, go fishing, an extra story at bedtime (what kid wouldn’t want this?) and more.  There are others that allows your children to ask you three questions from the back of a certain card.  Those questions help your child get to know you better and sometimes address questions you may not ordinarily talk about.  The cards with the questions work best with older children but it’s a great way to open the lines of communication with your children.  You can download all the parent passes online.

The progress book provides different areas for children to rate themselves on a scale from 0-10. Some areas are strengths, while some are weaknesses. You can work with your child on what they need to do to improve some of the areas.  Some children can get excellent suggestions from friends, parents or teachers in some of the areas that could use improvement.  Since my children are younger I help them a lot but as they get older they will be doing most of these alone.  What I loved most about these progress cards is that we get to choose what areas we work with the kids on and as they get older they can choose the areas they’d like to improve.  I love the parent passes because it gives us lots of creative and brilliant ideas to rewards our kids instead of just always handing them a new toy or something like that.  I especially like the three question cards because it get a conversation going and I think this parent pack can benefit young children, older children and even adults achieve goals.  If you’re looking for something like this then be sure to check them out online and on Facebook and Twitter.


Disclosure: I was provided the parent pack mentioned above for review purposes, any opinions expressed are my own and they have not been influenced.


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    Interesting system. We implemented a schedule and they move completed tasks to the completed pile. This might give a better visual to them on how they have done over time, versus one day.

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