Five Reasons To Enjoy Wonderful Halos

Five Reasons To Enjoy  Wonderful Halos

Disclosure: I was provided a product sample to review and a gift pack to giveaway.  Any and all opinions expressed are my own.

Spring is here, and even though it doesn’t feel like it in my neck of the woods I am excited about the possibilities.   I recently had the opportunity to review Wonderful Halos with my kids.  They love mandarins, especially my daughter, she just can’t get enough of them.  When the package arrived I knew it wouldn’t be long before they were all gone and I was so right.


It didn’t take long for my kids to start enjoying their Halos and it seems they have the funniest reasons as to why they think they should have a treat.  I don’t mind since it’s a healthy snack and it’s a good for you.  I wanted to share this review from the point of view of the kids since they are the ones who mostly enjoyed the Halos and I’m doing that with a twist.  So here’s five reasons to enjoy Wonderful Halos.


  1. It makes a great lunch box snack – Parent’s these guys were my daughter’s snack of choice when we had them in stock.  She picked them over fruit snacks, chips, cookies and any other options I offered her.  She really likes fruits and I try to make sure we have some on hand always.  Her favorites are strawberries and mandarins (citrus).  My sons like bananas better but they do eat Halos when we have them as well.
  2. They’s naturally good – our Halos were sweet and full of flavor.  They are sweet, seedless, and easy to peel.  They are non-GMO, all natural and fit perfect in kids hands.  I really like that these are seedless because I can give them to my toddler without worrying about seeds.  They are really sweet and perfect to use in place of candy and junk for your sweet tooth.
  3. It’s a great afternoon or after dinner snack – Most afternoons when the kids are home from school they ask for a snack.  Both my kids have lunch at school before 11:30 AM and they are not done with school until 3:45 PM.  It’s a huge gap and often times they want a snack when they get home before dinner.  Halos is a super choice because it’s not sugary sweets that will ruin their appetite before dinner.  The same applies for after dinner there are a few nights they will want “dessert” and I can offer them Halos and feel good about making that choice.
  4. Support a good cause – Halos not only taste good but they are a company that does good.  They give fresh fruit to feed thousands in California’s Central Valley each week.  They have also partnered with Feeding America to help feed even more families in need.  They hope to feed at least 1.3 million families though this new partnership.  They also invest in education and donate up to 2 million annually to California’s Central Valley schools through, scholarships, grants, & early childhood education and summer programs.
  5. The company cares about the environment – If the environment is important to you and it should be then you will be glad to know that half of the energy that powers the Halos packing facility comes from green energy generation.  They have  one of the largest customer-owned solar rooftops.  They also conserve their water usage for watering crops and use pest control products that only target harmful pests.

Personally I don’t think you need any reasons to enjoy Halos except for one – they’re really good, but now you have a few other reasons to pick up these tasty treats the next time you are at the supermarket.


The wonderful folks at Wonderful Halos wants to give one reader some Halos treats.  Enter for a chance to win a coupon to buy your own Halos, a t-shirt, hat, and a bag.  You must be 18 or older to enter and a resident of the US.  Enter via the tool below.

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  1. Misty Compton says

    Yes, my kids have tried them and love them. They say they are made just for kids, mom so don’t touch, go have yourself a big Orange! LOL

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