Embarrassing Celebrity Crushes

Do you remember having a crush on a celebrity dream boat when you were a teenage and now would be totally embarrassed to mention it?  Yes you do!  LOL!  Well here are a few of mines.  These are some of my embarrassing celebrity crushes for my teens.

If You Go Away (New Kids on the Block song)

If You Go Away (New Kids on the Block song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who didn’t have a crush on these guys?  Admit it you probably did as well.  LOL.   It’s just something about boy bands that make girls go gaga crazy over them.  Maybe it’s their voices (probably not so much because usually there are only about two that can really sing).  I don’t know for sure but I really liked this group and then there was A.J from Blackstreet Boys


Yep I sure did have a huge crush on this guy and I am pretty sure I’m not the only girl that will admit to this one.  Now I look at him and I am like what the heck was I drooling over in the first place.  Eeeek!!!!!  He may still be hunky to someone though but just not me.

Source: Wiki

Yes I loved Immature or IMX as they were later called, especially Marques Houston, my sister got first dibs on Romeo.  LOL.  Romeo is on the left and Marques is in the middle.  They guys were the hottest thing since slice bread to me but there were times when they would look just plain pitiful to me.  Like this…

Now they just don’t look so hot to me.  Of the three I think Marques is still doing things in either music or acting or both.

I think that’s it for now.  I could just go on and on about my old crushes.  I should note that I did have a crush on JT and he is still hot, well at least he says he is.  LOL.  What about you, do you have any old crushes that would embarrass you now?


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  1. says

    Hahahaha! New Kids on the Block is the definite winner here! I don’t know many people that readily admit their former crush on them anymore. 😀


  2. says

    I can’t think of any at the moment. I did like NKOTB but I wouldn’t say I had an actual crush on any of them. I actually just liked the music, lol.

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