“It’s Cold Outside”: Online Games for Hours of Amusement for All Ages

“It’s Cold Outside”: Online Games for Hours of Amusement for All Ages

With plenty of cold weather still to come, how can you entertain the kids when the park simply isn’t an option? Thankfully, there are plenty of online games for kids with which you can keep them amused! However, rather than get one of the countless ultra-violent annihilation games, here are a couple of crowd-pleasers that all of the family can enjoy playing, even Mom and Dad!

Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso

This is a cute, fun little maze game that involves lots of problem solving and adventuring. The weird title is just a hint of things to come and the game has oodles of personality and kookiness. The narrative is of aliens who invade Earth and zap a cat called Mr. Smoozles, transforming him into their psychotic ally. To save the world you must free your friends from the aliens, unzap Mr. Smoozles, and restore reality.

A Battlestar (the Battlestar Galactica) from t...

A Battlestar (the Battlestar Galactica) from the re-imagined series (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Battlestar Galactica

Although this is a licensed game, it’s also free to play online in the browser— which is incredibly generous and cool. One can easily imagine Dad versus son on this one while a storm rages on outside. The game features a moderate amount of fighting and is more suitable for older kids and teenagers. The storyline has Galactica and the Cylons fighting over outposts and control points in the outer galaxy and is a mostly mouse-based navigation and combat game.


Wonderputt is basically a cutesy take on a game of mini-golf. It’s one of those games that’s visually appealing to the point of making players emit an audible ”awwww” while playing. It’s simply lovely and is a good crossover game for kids who aren’t sure about gaming or who rarely play games. Completely violence-free, the game is perfect for younger kids as well as older children and adults.

League of Legends

This amazing multi-player game allows players to pick out their own champion and go head to head across a number of different battlefields. The game does involve fighting and is generally more suitable for older players. Complex tactics are required so it will take a while to master this game. All the more reason for the challenge, and definitely worth a try!

Bonding with the kids when the wind is howling outside is easy with the help of some exhilarating online games that will really blow your hair back. A high-caliber game should completely absorb you and unlock new and magical worlds, if only for a few hours. Just don’t let any rivalries spill into the real world!

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