Getting Ready for Summer Grilling Season at Giant Eagle #SummerofGrilling #CBias

Getting Ready for Summer Grilling Season at Giant Eagle

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My husband loves when it starts to get warm outside, that meas grilling season for him.  It’s his favorite time of the year and all he likes to do then is put some burgers and hot-dogs on the grill and hang out with our family and friends.  Our annual family tradition involves celebrating the birthdays of two middle children.  Both my sons and hubby have birthdays in May, the boys birthdays always fall around Memorial Day.  We celebrate by going to a local park, grilling and enjoying time as a family.  We’re ready to start our summer of grilling and we’re shopping Giant Eagle to get us started.

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Over the weekend my husband and I had to drop my sister to the airport so we decided to head out to Fredrick and stop by the Giant Eagle because they are the headquarters for for everything grilling.

We arrived at the store looking for burgers, but they were all sold out of the burgers we were looking for, so we decided to go with Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs instead.  I was surprised they had meat, beef, and turkey options.  I loved the selection of products they offered at the store.  It was huge and had everything we needed to get us ready for our summer of grilling.


I love a good sale so I couldn’t pass up this bargain of Pepsi’s, for only $10 you get five of the six packs, and the cute emojis on the bottle are so fun.  They had much more options on the soda aisle as well.

Since we ended up having to change from burgers to hot dogs I wanted to try something different and I’d seen other people wrap bacon around their hot dogs so I decided to give it a try and ended up stuffing my with cheese as well.  We were hoping to try this on the grill, however it’s been raining in Baltimore non-stop since last week, so we ended up making ours with out indoor grill.  I’m sure we’ll be making them again once the weather gets nice and hot.


Once you’ve gathered all your ingredients, the first step is to slit the hot dogs down the middle, be careful not to cut them in half completely because you don’t want two halves, just a nice slit to stuff the cheese.


I found it easier to cut the cheese slices into smaller slices so it was easier to put inside the middle of the hot dog.


Stuffing the hot dogs with cheese didn’t take long, and it worked out better as crumbled pieces for me.  Some stayed in the slices but I liked the crumbles as well.


Next step was wrapping the hot dog with bacon.  Depending on how long your strip of bacon is you can easily wrap each hot dog with one strip of bacon.  Wrapping at an angle worked best for me.  Don’t worry if there are a few gaps.



Our hot dogs came out perfect and I of course didn’t want to have them without something cool and refreshing to drink. For an easy side I got some Giant Eagle fries, baked in the oven until they were almost ready, took them out and covered with a few slices of Kraft Natural Cheddar Cheese Slices, making some easy cheesy fries.



I decided to make a Pepsi Slushie to go with our hot dogs for dinner.  To make it’s very easy, take your six pack of Pepsi’s and crack the seal on them slightly letting out some of the fizz.  Shake them up for about 10 seconds and put in the freeze for about 2 to 3 hours.  Once you see ice crystals start to form take out and crack open the bottle, it should start slushing, if not put back in the freezer longer.  Once you’re gotten your desired amount of slush pour into your favorite cup and enjoy.  It’s cool and refreshing and perfect for hot summer days.


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Be sure to visit your local Giant Eagle, the grilling headquarters for summer and beyond. With warmer weather on the horizon, what are you summer grilling plans?