Get Ready for Tailgating With Rubbermaid Products

Get Ready for Tailgating With Rubbermaid Products

Football season is already upon on us.  I know this not because I’m a huge football fan but because my husband lives for this time of year.  He’s a fan of both college and professional football so anytime the season is coming up he warns us that he’ll be taking over the living room television when he’s home.  There are so many great things to celebrate during this time of the year but tailgating is major for football fans and I’d like to share with you how to get ready for tailgating with Rubbermaid Products.

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Thanks to Rubbermaid I received two sets each of their Party Platter and Easy Find Lids Containers for review.  Both products are perfect for planning your next party or tailgate event.  I love hosting parties with my family and friends and these Rubbermaid products will make hosting so much easier. The Rubbermaid Party Platter allows you to pack, transport and serve all from the same tray.


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The Rubbermaid Party Tray features four compartments for any of your party favorites, whether it’s fruit, veggies, chips, or wings plus a center storage container for your favorite dipping sauce, salad dressing or salsa.  Additional features of the party tray:

  • A leak-proof, Twist & Seal lid that secures dips and prevents spills 
  • An outer lid that snaps onto the platters base for a tight seal and secure transportation
  • A removable dip container that stays chilled in a cooler or reheat in a microwave 
  • A divided platter base that keeps food separated
  • Is BPA free and dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe

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I love this party tray because it’s light, everything I need is in the one tray and at $8.99 (MSRP) I can easily leave it with my party hosts if I am just attending an event as a guest to give it to one of my guests as a take home tray.  Every year for class parties I end up taking carrot sticks or apple slices and I would hate taking them in the supermarket packaging, now I can easily place them in the tray for easy serving at school.

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I also received the Easy Find Lids Container Set of 24 for review.  This set I was very excited about because we are always purchasing new containers for the house.  We have several different sets that we use for my husband’s lunches, to take food to family and not to mention the countless containers I own that have no lids.

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These containers come neatly packed in the box with all the lids stacked along with the different sizes of containers.  This set features six different sizes of containers for all your food storage needs.  The Set Includes: (2) .5 cup, (2) 1.25 cup, (2) 2 cup, (2) 3 cup. (2) 5 cup, (2) 7 cup containers.

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These half cup containers are great for snacks.  It’s the right size portion for someone wanting to watch their weight or cut down on the amount of snacks they are eating.  It’s also great for storing salad dressing or another form of sauce item.

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rubbermaid (16)

These 1.25 cup and 2 cup containers also work great for packing lunches.  They are the perfect size for a side for your lunch or even some fruits and veggies.  I plan to use mines for fruit cups for my husband’s lunch.

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The larger containers could be used for storing left over from dinner to packing up party essentials when you are heading out for tailgating.  The short 3 cup container is just the right size for packing sandwiches for school lunches.  This makes the perfect starter kit, which also makes it a great gift set as well.

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The lids for these containers all fit various sizes.  I like that they can easily stack together so I always know where to find one when I need it.  Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids:


Organize your kitchen and pantry with Easy Find Lids Containers from Rubbermaid (MSRP $8.99 – $25.99).  Maximize your space with these durable and efficient containers.  With these two products you will be ready for all your tailgating parties you plan to throw or attend this football season.