Great Grains Cherry Crunch Parfait #GreatGrains

Great Grains Cherry Crunch Parfait

Great Grains Cherry Crunch Parfait

Summer always leads me to find creative ways to feed my family.  It’s so hot some days that cooking is out of the question.  Plus the kids are off from school so I want to make sure whatever I make for family is delicious but easy as well.  During the week when my husband is working we usually just wing it for breakfast.  The kids are usually only thinking of junk food so having a big breakfast is the last thing on their minds.  On the weekends I usually make a big breakfast for the whole family.  For those days during the week when we are winging it, cold cereal is usually our number one choice.


Great Grains sent me a box of their Banana Nut Crunch cereal to try along with a parfait set to see what I come up with.  I’ve never made my own parfait before usually I buy them from restaurants when we are out and I want something quick that’s not full of grease.  I didn’t realize how easy it was to make at home.  Plus I get to put whatever I want in my parfait.  I ended up make a Great Grains Cherry Crunch Parfait because I had some cherries in the refrigerator.  The good thing about making your own though is that you can create it to suit your own taste.



This cereal is so good, I could eat it out the box.  When you first open the bag you get a nice wiff of banana, that’s from the real bananas that’s baked into the multi grain flakes and clusters.  There’s lots of crunch from the addition of walnuts and almonds so you can see why it would be a grea addition to any parfait.


Building the parfait is so easy, I used one of the glasses that I received in my package.  I choose a plain low fat yogurt but can choose any thing you like.  Greek yogurt is very popular right now and you could even try a yogurt with flavor already added to add even more variety to your parfait.  I spooned about two heaping spoons of yogurt into my glass, then a layer of cherries, on top of the cherries I added the Great Grains Banana Crunch Cereal.  I repeated the process again adding another layer of yogurt, followed by more cherries and topped it off with more cereal.  My glass isn’t that deep so I only had two layers but if you have a deeper glass you can totally change this up.  Doing alternating layers of cherries or whatever fruit you choose and then cereal in the next layer.


Great Grains Cherry Crunch Parfait

Great Grains Cherry Crunch Parfait

Looking for more parfait inspirations?  Check out the #GreatGrains hashtag online to see what other people are great with their Great Grains.