Pacific Baby Thermal Bottle Review

Disclosure: I was provided samples for review purposes, any and all opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced.

We recently welcomed out fourth child into the world and he’s been an absolute blessing and joy.  We’ve been enjoying him to the fullest and he’s been adjusting to life outside the womb.  With babies so much is trial and error and one of those things include finding the right bottle to feed baby.  There are so many bottles on the market that you can find one for just about anything.  There are bottles for breastfeeding, colic, and lots more.  While searching around for the best bottles I came across numerous reviews for the Thermal Bottle from Pacific Baby and I knew I had to give them a try.

About Pacific Baby Thermal Bottles

  • Hot or Cold up to ten hours (7oz) and six hours (4oz)
  • Perfect for travel, outings and bedside feeding!
  • Birth to 5 Years Old!
  • High Quality Thermal Baby Bottle
  • Vacuum insulated 304 stainless steel
  • BPA, PVC and Phthalates Free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Wide neck offers greater visibility
  • Inner scale simplifies measurement of the formula
  • Teats come in three speeds and are shaped similar to mother’s breast
  • Just add handles and spout for sip cup – or drink top for older kids
  • Steamer and dishwasher safe – top rack
  • Complies with a broad range of US and European safety regulations
  • 1-year warranty

For information on where to buy their products and the distributors in North America, check out the Pacific Baby Website. Check out this video to view a product demonstration of the bottle.


I was sent two bottles and some accessories to review from Pacific Baby.  One was a four-ounce bottle and the other a seven ounce bottle.  I loved that the package came with the handles and drink top accessories to make transitioning easier.  I know for a fact one of the hardest things for me with our third child was finding the right cup to transition with when he was moving from a bottle to cups.  We tried so many different cups and the all were a bust with this we get to use it the entire time till he’s ready for a cup and the bonus its a thermal bottle so he can have both hot or cold liquids.


I love the look and feel of this bottle.  We always get lots of compliments when people see my son using his out in public.  My sister is always talking about how badly she wanted a thermal bottle for her son.


As you can see the slow flow nipple is a little narrow and the cap has a nice seal on the bottle so it keeps your formula warm.  The cap is durable and it has a plastic liner to help seal the top of the bottle.


The measurements for this bottle is on the inside so you do have to pay attention when you are pouring your water in the bottle but you get use to it over time.  I like it better that way though because it isn’t paint that will wear off over time.


When my newborn was starting on a regular bottle after using the nursettes from the hospital it was rough.  He didn’t like any of the nipples of the bottles I tried until we used the Pacific Baby Thermal Bottle with him.  It was the only bottle her would use and I stuck with it since it worked.  My only problem with my bottle was the nipple.  I think it allows too much air and that made my son gassy.  The nipple would flatten out when he was drinking his bottle.  I think it needs a different nipple to allow some of that air out the bottle.  Other than that it’s one of the best bottles my infant uses and it’s the first one I grab when he isn’t taking another bottle because of the nipple shape.

This bottle is a great investment because it has a five-year life span.  To connect with Pacific Baby like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


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