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I’ve been a member of Crowdtap for about a year now.  When I first joined it was really about sharing stuff on social media and earning points that I could turn into cash.  Since I have joined they totally revamped their program and now you can’t earn cash but Amazon gift cards.  Which I also love.  They also adjusted the point values and now its more about giving insight on topics for brands.  If you are active and share often you can score some great discussion points and use it for great giftcards.  I know some people who are cashing out at least $25 or more a month in Amazon gift cards.  Crowdtap also has is set up so you can join certain brand crowds or squads.  I am apart of the Glam Crowd, The Dot Girls, Wooliters, AT&T, Verizon VIP and Old Navy Style Council.

Usually this just means then discussion topics come our for these brands I can join them and earn points.  Well sometimes they have hosted parties opportunities and I was lucky to get my first Old Navy Sample and Share for Old Navy Activewear.  I was super excited and I couldn’t wait to head to the store and try it out.  I got an envelope in the mail with a coupon that looked like this…

I automatically knew I was going to give my extra coupon to one of my sisters.  Since the holidays was approaching I waited until after Christmas to head to the store to pick up my goodies.  I was worried that I would have problems in the store or the coupon may not work or something like that.  I couldn’t be more wrong.  It was so fun and super easy and I didn’t have any problems in the store at all.  Check out some photos of the amazing activewear line.

My sister got this set.

I really liked the color of this green top.

I was torn between getting the three quater length pants and…

these long pants.  Wonder what I choose??

I loved this jacket, it great for running in the cold weather.

As you can see Old Navy has lots of different activewear choices.  These are only a few of the many options in the store.  They have have tank tops, sports bras, shorts, jackest, vests and more.  You really cant’ go wrong when shopping.  Here’s me rocking my new Old Navy Activewear outfit that I got for free for being a member of the style council.  Thanks Old Navy and Crowdtap for the opportunity.

Nicki Old Navy Style Council

My WSSU tee is not from Old Navy but I wanted to show that you could use the bottoms with a different top.  I got my pants in XL because I wanted to be comfortable and I loved it.  They made me feel cute and sexy.  I loved the feel on my skin and it wasn’t too lose or too tight.  My pants are priced at $22.94


Yeah I choose the three quarter length pants.

Old Navy Activewear suit - Nicki's Random Musings

This is me with my jacket on.  I loved this jacket it so cute and sporty and comfortable.  You can wear the jacket closed or just open if you’re not really working out. I love this outfit because it’s not just for the gym.  The jacket is an XL but I think I could have gone with a large and bee good.  Its priced at $34.94 at Old Navy.

Old Navy Activewear

My toddler monster was trying to zip up my jacket for me.  He is such a sweetie at times :)


I loved this feature of the jacket.  It helps keep your hands a little warmer.


I loved all these cool features.  I wanted to show you on the back of the jacket the purple patch to make the jacket more shapely and more fitted to your body.  They only had the one cute little label on the jacket and of course the hand feature on the jacket.  The pants also had a small pocket to put your money or a key or iPod in the waist.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Crowdtap click the button below.



Guys they are looking for men as well so click on the button and join or ladies sign up your men.

Disclosure: I received the outfit above for free and one for a friend from Crowdtap and Old Navy.  All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced.
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  1. says

    Those clothes look super comfortable and I love the sleeves on the jacket! (I always wear my sleeves over my hands anyway!) I cannot wait to evict baby and get back into some sort of shape and fit my big ol’ butt into some of that activewear!!!

  2. Norma Cummins says

    Great job! I love Crowdtap. I need to take lessons from you and maybe I can qualify for more discussions and campaigns :)

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