Inspirational Greeting Cards from LouLouBlue

Inspirational Greeting Cards from LouLouBlue

I’m a sucker for a great greeting card.  I love sending them and receiving them in the mail.  It’s actually my preferred way of contact.  I miss those days when letters always came via the postal mail.  As a Christian woman I love the cards I saw at LouLouBlue because they feature inspirational quotes from the bible and they have cards for Mother’s Day, Sympathy, Thank You and more.  Read more about these beautiful cards below:

Divine Words of Love and Encouragement for the Moms in Your Life

LouLouBLUE’s inspirational greeting cards provide sweet sentiments using the power of scripture

img_0568Mothers give words of love and encouragement on a daily basis and Mother’s Day is our chance to return these back to them. LouLouBLUE greeting cards add an important dimension–divine wisdom–to the warmth of our own message. As its website claims, “God has a nice way of putting things”.

 LouLouBLUE has a couple of selections for Mother’s Day. Take, for example, the beloved summary of Proverbs 31: “Many women have done exellently, but you surpass them all”. Let the women in yourlife know that this is how youfeel about them—such a message of esteem and love will buoy them for days!

youarebeautiful-027And “Yes, you are lovely!” from King Solomon’s ode to his beloved tells Mom that she is not taken for granted but seen for the beautiful person she truly is, a message every mother needs to hear regularly and often. Inside both cards there is plenty of room for you to write your own warm thoughts.

scoutguide-houston-ad3LouLouBLUE was founded in 2012 when Mandy “Lou” Osterhout faced a personal tragedy and received comfort when friends sent her Scripture that reached deep into her broken heart helping her overcome her despair. She learned then that such Bible verses can be more than just words. Her greeting cards will help others to experience their powerful impact as well.

 LouLouBLUE cards are printed in the USA with modern fonts, quality paper and colorful envelopes. A boxed set of eight cards with this versellb-photo from Proverbs costs $17.50, and individual cards cost $3.95. They are available through select retail stores in the United States and online at

You will find a host of other inspirational cards for every occasion on her website. They can say best what will bring comfort and gratitude to the people you most care about.


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  1. says

    So fun when I find another letter loving gal! I too am a sucker for all things paper and the lost art of letter writing. I will definitely check out louloublue’s cards as she is new to me. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. KP says

    Hi Nicki! Love this post. These greetings are very inspirational. What about e-cards? lets you take your favorite movies turn them into free e-cards. How cool is that?! We have a ton of inspirational Dittos to send around. Have a look!

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