Get Free or Cheap School Supplies Using Wrapp

Get Free or Cheap School Supplies Using Wrapp


I’ve written a post in the past called Money Saving Apps and in it I included Wrapp.  It’s one of my all time favorite ways for saving money and I highly recommend that you join now.  You can easily search for the app in your Android or iTunes app market just search for Wrapp and download and get started.  The app works best when you have friends or family members using it as well.  Both my husband and I use the app so when there are gift cards we want I would send to him and he would send to me.  Soon we got friends involved and we have been happily wrapping for over a year now. Once you download and open the app you’ll see how easy it is to use.  You must connect it to your Facebook account.  When in the app they show you their current free gift cards based on your region.  In the US right now you can send free gift cards ranging from $5 to $10 to stores and online merchants like H&M, HuluPlus, Office Depot, Poppin, Little Black Bag, Clarins, The Angry Birds Shop, Entertainment Weekly and much more.  You can also purchase gift cards to stores like Gap, Sephora, Old Navy and more.  Wrapp also have weekly promotions that can also help you score free gift cards.  Be sure to like them on Facebook to keep up with those promotions.

This week I want to share with you some great savings at Office Depot.  After you’ve joined Wrapp and get some friends and family to join send out a few free Office Depot gift cards and ask someone to send you one back as well.


Once you have your Office Depot Gift Card check out some of the amazing sales they currently have going on this week at Office Depot and some of the shopping scenerios that you can use to get free or cheap school supplies.  *Please note that you should not open up your gift card until you are at check out and ready to pay because once you open up the gift card you must use it immediately.*

Home Depot Sales 8/4

One free $5 Office Depot Gift Card from a friend can get you all these items for free or really cheap.  Here’s the breakdown…

Vinyl Storage Pouch $.01– (reg $1.99; Limit 3. While Supplies Last)-NO Rainchecks

Scholastic Crayons 24-pk-$.25 (reg $1.49; Limit 3. While Supplies Last)-NO Rainchecks

Oxford 3X5 index cards 100-pk-$.25 (Reg $.99; Limit 3. While Supplies Last)-NO Rainchecks

Kleenex 2-ply Facial Tissue-$.25 (reg $.59 Limit 3. While Supplies Last)-NO Rainchecks

Office Depot Brand Ballpoint Pens 10-pk-$.25 (reg $1.59 Limit 3. While Supplies Last)-NO Rainchecks

Office Depot Brand woodcase pencils 8-pk-$.25 (reg $1.29 Limit 3. While Supplies Last)-NO Rainchecks

Scholastic Pourable Glue-$.25 (reg $.99 Limit 3. While Supplies Last)-NO Rainchecks

Purchase three of each of the items for $.25 each that’s 18 items in total.  Plus purchase three of the penny vinyl pouches.  Your total for all will be $4.53 you could just head to the register and find out you total with taxes if you are lucky you may not owe anything else at all and you just scored all the items for free.  You can also pick up something cheap to push your total over the five dollars and just pay taxes and a few pennies.  It’s really up to you how you decide to use the savings.  You can also use it towards a higher purchase price.

I’m heading out today to try out this deal myself and I’ll update the post with a photo and my total so you can see how it went for me.  Happy shopping and savings.  If you don’t have a need for school supplies consider still grabbing these items and donating them to a local school, teachers are always in need of supplies.



Here’s the photo of my shopping haul and the receipt showing that I only paid $0.34 cents out of pocket for 23 items.  2 pocket folders, 3 vinyl cases, 3 pack of pens, 3 packs of pencils, 3 school glues, 3 index cards, 3 tissues and 3 crayons.

I got all these items for only $0.34 cents out of pocket, most of which was tax.  23 items total.

I got all these items for only $0.34 cents out of pocket, most of which was tax. 23 items total.



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      I know the site has some coupons that can be used online so you don’t need a smart phone but if you open it and print the gift card code I don’t know if the store would accept it or not.

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