For The First Time In Forever I Love A Cartoon More…

For The First Time In Forever I Love A Cartoon More…


I think that Frozen has become one of my favorite Disney movies of all times.  For the first time in forever I love a cartoon more than my kids.  I’ve watched it at least three times without them.  Yes I can admit that I enjoy the movie without my kids.  I think part of them comes from the behind the scenes experiences I had with lending my voice to Olaf, chatting with the directors and producer and all my other Disney magic fun from my exciting trip to Disney Animation Studios last month.   The day is finally here that Frozen is available for purchase in stores and online and you can take home the magic that is Frozen.

Concept art from opening scene of Frozen Heart Song

Concept art from opening scene of Frozen Heart Song

The movie starts off with the song Frozen Heart and the men are getting ice and taking it back into the village.  This is the first time we see Kristoff and Sven.  We then meet the sister Anna and Elsa and soon we are taken into their magical lives and learn about Elsa’s special gift.  A gift that soon becomes a burden that’s a heavy one to carry for a young girl and it will be the thing that keeps these once close sisters divided for years.  I couldn’t help but feel so sorry for Elsa but in these early scenes we see that sometimes parents make difficult decisions that have life long effects.  I don’t know too many people who haven’t seen the movie yet but I was crying within ten minutes of the movie.

The kingdom of Arendelle

The kingdom of Arendelle

Before coming Frozen guests were invited to the castle for the coronation of Queen Elsa.  Oh during this scene be on the look out for some special quests.  I heard that Rapunzel and Flinn Rider are guests at the coronation.


When the sisters are together again after years of being separated you can tell they want to bond with each other but Elsa still haunted by memories that Anna is missing she quickly pulls back.  I think cartoons have a way of glorifying the “Love At First Sight” theory and this movie doesn’t miss the chance to also incorporate it as well.  Though I truly believe that Anna’s innocence is what really lead her to Hans.  Soon fear wins over and Queen Elsa’s secret is out and she’s a wanted woman.  This is when we see the evolution of the Queen.


She become brave and strong and decides to no longer hide behind her powers.  She starts to explore all her powers and becomes free.  This is where the phenom “Let It Go” comes into play and we see her transform into who she want’s to be and not who people expect her to be.

meet olaf

Here’s the scene in the movie where I briefly lent my voice to Olaf when I was in L.A.  I had so much fun doing it and this is also the part in the movie where we get to meet Olaf and he joins Anna and Kristoff on their journey to find the Queen.


He’s the cutest snowman ever, with dreams of hanging out in summer time.  Enjoying drinks and playing in the sand.  No one ever tells him what happens to frozen things in summer :)

ice castle

Queen Elsa’s ice castle.  It’s truly amazing and beautiful.  There’s an ice castle in Canada that the filmmakers recently visited as well.  I’ll be sharing some more about that later this week.  Be sure to check back for that.

The movie is a great story and it will make you laugh, cry and sing out loud.  It’s a great family movie and one I would suggest over and over again to add to your collection and if you haven’t seen it yet go buy it.  You won’t regret it at all.  This is a modern day classic.  Years from now people are going to be enjoying it and singing it praises. You can purchase Frozen on Amazon right now.

Meet the Frozen Cast:

Be sure to check out the special features for lots of extra fun and the newest Disney Animated Short “Get A Horse”.  We loved it.



To celebrate the release of Frozen I would also like to share some fun activities for you to do with your kids.  Just click on the banners below to download coloring pages and directions.

Download Frozen Friendship Fun

Download Frozen Activities

Here’s some clips from the movie:

Let It Go Song

That Happened Clip

frozen giveaway

The folks at Disney Home Entertainment is giving one reader a chance to win a copy of Frozen.  The giveaway is open to resident of the U.S. and Canada.  You must be 18 and older to enter.  Ends April 1st at 11:59 PM.  Enter via the tool below.

Enter via other blogs for more chances to win a copy of Frozen

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  1. Darlene Sullins says

    The only song I’ve heard so far has been “Let it go” (I haven’t seen the movie yet!), and it’s awesome, but I really really want to see the movie!!!

  2. Janet W. says

    I don’t have a favorite song yet because I still haven’t seen the movie, and neither have my grandsons. We would love to finally watch it!

  3. D Schmidt says

    I have not seen the movie yet but I would have to go with ‘Let it Go’ because it is the only song I have heard!

  4. DailyWoman(Lacey) says

    I am not sure the name of the song but it is at the beginning when the sister ask the other sister to go out and build a snowman.

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