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It cold and flu season and if you have kids or just don’t like germs you are looking for easy way to right germs and keep your family healthy.  Since my daughter started Pre-School I’ve had to worry more about germs.  Being a stay at home mom, my children are home with me until they start school.  Although they do visit with family and stuff like that it’s not the same as if they were in daycare or something along those lines that has them in constant contact with other children.  She was three when she started Pre-School and as soon as October hit and the temperatures started to drop she started to have problems with the cold.    When your children are in school and daycare they are exposed to lots of germs.  Kids sometimes forget to wash their hands, or they cough all over things, they sneeze, then touch all the toys, tables, chairs, and hands of their classmates.  I’m sure my own daughter probably did it as well because I constantly remind her at home about flu season etiquette.

This year we are fighting cold and flu germs with Gojo Products.  They make products for Purell and I was excited about trying some of them out to see how it affected the way my children dealt with germs. We got to try three different items from Gojo, a Purell Pal, Hand Sanitizer Foam with a dispenser and a portable sanitizer with a jelly wrap.

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I love these things.  They are lifesavers, I can’t tell you how many times when we are out for dinner I just pull my keys out my purse and pass this bottle around.  We all instantly have hands with less germs.  It comes in handy for more than just eating out.  Sometimes the kids cough or sneeze in their hands and I just pass them the bottle so they can squeeze some in their hands.  When I pick up some litter on the ground outside.  Anything that gets my hands dirty on the go I can use these to help get them clean again.

Purell PalMy son really likes the Purell Pal.  He is so amused by the stand.  He keeps asking me about why is he standing and what is he doing now.  He finds is very comical and playful. He was just playing catch with the thing.  I know sometimes he acts like he’s an only child.  LOL. The point is though since he is so intrigued by it, it’s easier for me to get him to use this.  It’s sitting on the computer desk at the moment but we have moved it around quite a bit so it’s easy for the kids to use it. We’ve had it on the dining room table, the kitchen and even the kids room.  I really like the design of the stand because it’s so fun, it’s really like your own little pal.



The dispenser with the sanitizer foam went in our bathroom.We put it down low enough so our older children can reach it but high enough so out toddler can’t reach it.  It’s easy to use and any one can use either the sanitizer or use hand soap in the bathroom or both.  These products have helped us fight cold and flu germs and help the kids be more aware of the germs they could be spreading when in school with others.  You can find these products in your local stores or online at Shoplet.

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Disclosure: I am a Shoplet Blogger and I was provided the products above from Gojo for review purposes.  Any opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced.
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