Encourage Your Child’s Inner Artist with ArtSee Studio

Encourage Your Child’s Inner Artist with ArtSee Studio

If you’re like me and have a budding artist in your house then you probably want to find things to encourage their passion.  My daughter Kay loves anything to do with art.  She loves to draw, paint, color, decorate, just anything.  I love supporting her in these efforts, especially since she likes it so much currently.  I’m always handing her paper, buy art supplies, and not the mention the boxes and boxes of crayons her grandfather has brought for her to color and draw.  I was looking for new ways to help her with her art and was asked by ArtSee Studio to review their new product for children to help them with their art skills.

I didn’t know what to expect when I got the ArtSee Studio in the mail.  It looked simple enough for  my daughter to use but I just wasn’t certain if she would like it or not.  The studio ended up being pretty easy to use.  It does require that you have an iPad to use the studio with it.  It can be any generation of iPad.  The studio is strong and durable and it does keep your iPad safe and secure while your children are using the product.  All you do is simply pull the purple knob, and remove the green portion of the studio to insert the iPad.  Once your iPad is in the studio you can replace the green piece and lock in the iPad.  You need to download the ArtSee Studio app from the iTunes store.  Once the app is downloaded then your children are ready to go.  Each of the pieces on the studio has an individual feature.  You can use the green pen to draw, paint, color and so much more.  Your children are in for hours of fun with this amazing product.

Features of the ArtSee Studio

  • The interface of the studio is built for children of all ages.  
    • Color Pallet – The ArtSee Studio color palate offers an assortment of 40 colors. If you can’t choose your favorite then mix them all in one go… The rainbow option will give color to your canvas in one easy tap
    • Side Selector – Whether you’re using the pen or the roller, you have an array of options to choose from! Alternate between a brush, a marker, a spray can, or change the texture of your picture with the side of the pen! Kids love the multitude of options that the side selector offers.
    • Themes – Start off your magical ArtSee Studio adventure with the choice of a theme. Each theme comes with its own stamps, rollers and animations. Go on a wild safari to Africa, or swim with sharks… and if the wildlife is too much for you, go back to the city and walk the concrete jungles instead!
  • The tools for the ArtSee Studio are created to allow your children to create instant works of art and even bring them to life with one of the different tools.  Those tools include:

DOODLEE – THE STYLUS: Doodlee is the tool to use for drawing lines, adding color, and even adding texture. With multiple brushes, colors and sizes, Doodlee is the ultimate drawing tool!

STAMPEE – THE STAMP TOOLWhether on a Safari, or underwater… Stampee makes it easy to add your favorite ArtSee characters and objects to your canvas. Simply select the size you want, choose your color, and instantly add life to your creation!

MELODEE – THE SOUND TOOL:  Stampee gives you ArtSee characters, Rollee gives you the texture… Melodee brings you sound. Use Melodee to interact with your ArtSee masterpiece by making it into an audible story. Hear the lion roar or the plane soar.

POINTEE – THE ANIMATION TOOL:  Make your ArtSee characters run across your screen or jump into the air! Use Pointee to map your path and watch as your masterpiece comes to life like a miniature cartoon.

FUNNEE – THE GAME TOOL:  Funnee is the tool to use when you want to easily change themes in ArtSee Studio. Just tap Funnee to the iPad and a special menu opens. Select a theme and watch the collection of stamps and rollers change before your eyes!

ROLLEE – THE ROLLER TOOL:  Give your artwork some texture with Rollee! Rollee makes it easy to add background art, textures and special effects to your drawing. Put Rollee to your canvas and watch as your imagination unfolds before your eyes.

Also check out this Youtube Video from another blogger, sharing features of how to use the product.

What are my thoughts?

We’ve had the studio for a little over a month and my daughter and son both feel in love with it the very first time they opened the box.  I don’t even think we have begun to scratch the surface of how much features it has.  My daughter mainly uses it for drawing and coloring.  They both have played the games on it and explored a bit.  None of us knew about the animation feature so we’ll be checking that out soon.  Here’s a tip also, if you know your children sometimes lose toys parts keep the tools separate from the studio when they are finished using it.  I’ve had to hunt ours down a few times and now I keep it hidden until they are ready to play with the studio.  It’s a great gift for children up to about nine.  Perfect for birthdays, Christmas and I also believe it would make a great homeschooling tool for parents wanting to incorporate art into homeschooling.  If you’re interested in learning more and want to buy your own ArtSee Studio then check out their site online.

Disclosure:  I was provided an ArtSee Studio for review, any and all opinions are my own.


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    Even though my kids are older, I think they would love this ArtSee kit! My eldest has decided she wants to get into graphic design so I am trying foster her artistic side.

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    We have a similar product from another company and my son enjoys it. He’s a whiz on our iPad though so he does get frustrated when it’s in the toy and he decides he wants to do something else on the iPad.

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