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Reading has always been a top priority for me and when I had children I knew I wanted to encourage them as much as possible to read and enjoy it so they wouldn’t see it as a chore or hard task once they started school.  My husband and I both agreed that making sure they kids are read to each night is very important in their development.  Any type of program that encourages reading and help parents share books with their children is a great one in my opinion.  So when I stumbled on Sproutkin I wanted to learn more about this monthly subscription box service.  Who wouldn’t be interested in finding out about having children’s books delivered monthly.


Sproutkin offers two monthly boxes.  You can either sign up for the infant/toddler boxes or the preschool boxes.  Both programs work differently.  I opted to try the Preschool boxes since two of my children are in this group.  Here’s how each box subscription works.

Infants & Toddlers

  •  For children 0-3 years old
  •  Curated box of books & toys to keep
  •  $24.99/month for 1 Sproutkit each month
  •  Sproutkit = 1 theme + 2-4 books + toy + activity card
  •  Up to 45% off retail pricing

Each month, you will receive a box with 2-4 high quality board books and a toy that is tailored to help grow your little one’s mind. In addition, each box contains a Sproutcard that explains developmental milestones and tips on how to use your Sproutkit to foster this development.

Each Sproutkit is customized to your child’s specific age (down to the exact month). You can join at any time — just tell us your child’s birthdate or due date so we can make sure that each box is age appropriate.

Everything you get is yours to keep. We are sure that the books will be a welcome addition to your personal library.

This option is great for parents who want to offer their child age appropriate toys and books but don’t want to search for them on their own.  It’s a great way to build on your book collection and you also get a toy monthly for your little one.  If things start to build up you can put your subscription on hold and donate toys when your child out grows them.


  •  For children 3-6 years old
  •  Library system for curated box of children’s books
  •  $24.99/month for unlimited Sproutkits
  •  Sproutkit = 1 theme + 10 books + activity card
  •  Retail value of each Sproutkit approx $75

Receive Sproutkit. Each box includes 10 carefully selected books all centered around a central theme. Included with the books is an activity card (or “Sproutcard) which includes discussion questions and activities relating to the books and theme.

Read books. You no longer have to carve out time to scour through children’s books at bookstores and libraries – we’ve done the work and have chosen the highest quality books for you. Take 1 week or 4 weeks to read through the books – it’s up to you.

Engage in guided discussion and activities. Use the Sproutcard to help your child understand the stories and overarching theme. You and your little one can make moon sand together with the recipe included in our ”Earth and Beyond” Sproutkit, or help your child pretend to be a new superhero in our “Imagine That” collection.

Return books (or keep what you want). Keep the books you want (for 10% off retail price) and return the rest. It’s easy – use the same box and prepaid postage label included. You can even pre-order your next Sproutkit online so that you’ll never be without books. Or, simply return your books and we’ll send you a new set right away.

The preschool kit is much different from the infant kit as you can see.  With the preschool kit you don’t get to keep the kit.  You can buy the book you want at a discount.  This is the only drawback I could find in using the kit.  Maybe if the company offered a kit with less books that you did get to keep I would like it a lot more.  I do however love the idea of not having lots of books and no where to store them.  I didn’t realize the preschool kit allowed you to get more than one kit a month.  I though it was just once a month.  I really liked the theme and that all the books in the box surrounded the theme.  We were sent the Earth and Beyond Kit and the Bon Appetit boxes during my time using the service.

It was very easy to use, I signed up and picked the preschool box.  Then I got an email letting me know I was getting a box of books in the mail.  It arrived in about four to five days.  After we were finished reading the books we mailed that kit back and we received a new kit.  Please be aware that you can keep the books as long as you like but you will be billed monthly even if you are just using the same box.  Sproutkin also recently changed the program for parents who didn’t wanting a gap between boxes so now you can request your next box and wait for it to arrive before shipping back the box you are currently reading.  Shipping it back is also so easy.  Just remove the old label from your box and replace it with the return label in you box, replace the tape on the outside to secure your books, and give it to your mail man or drop it at the post office.

All in all it’s a great service for parents to try, especially if your children love reading.

Connect with Sproutkin online, on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Disclosure: I was provided a trial subscription to Sproutkin to review the service.  Any and all opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced, however they may differ from your own.

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  1. says

    This is such a unique idea for mail subscriptions! I’ll have to pass this onto the grandparents and maybe they can sign my toddler up for it.

  2. says

    I’m not sure how I feel about the Sproutkin program. On one hand, the Netflix style program of getting books in the mail, reading them and sending them back to receive another shipment of new books is intriguing. It’s different than what other monthly subscription programs are doing. But I totally agree with you on the point that maybe they should include fewer books and allow you to keep them instead of choosing whether to buy them at a discounted rate. You have already handed over $25 for the month for the books, you should be able to keep something.

    I feel very strongly about introducing kids to books and all of the adventures and fun that can be had with stories. I have always been a huge bookworm and it is so important to foster that love of books and reading in your kids. I have always bought my stepdaughters books for their birthdays and holidays to instill that love of reading in them. Too bad they are a little too old for the Sproutkin program.

    • says

      You are right it was my only hang up with the service and I am right with you on instilling the value of reading to children at an early age. Even though ours are learning to read they do their best and I can always tell from us reading to them they now memorize words or can read pictures to tell stories.


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