Baby’s First Holiday: What to Pack?

Baby’s First Holiday: What to Pack?

Planning baby’s very first holiday is exciting, but having a little person in tow when travelling can be an overwhelming prospect. Keep calm and look forward to your little one’s first family holiday, with this checklist for baby’s first suitcase essentials:

Baby grows and Bodysuits

It can be tempting to pack more clothes for baby than you would for yourself. While it’s easy to get carried away with all the cute baby outfits in the shops, remember that you now have an extra suitcase, plus a buggy and a baby to manage, so packing as lightly as possible is recommended.

Baby grows and bodysuits are essentials for every baby, and take up very little room. They also wash well and will dry quickly in the sunshine.

Why not pick up some new multipacks of baby grows and bodysuits to put straight into the suitcase? George at ASDA offers 7 packs of bodysuits in a range of styles. Two of these packs should be enough for a week away, as baby can wear them by day with shorts or skirts, and by night instead of sleepsuits, to keep cool.


Keeping baby’s head covered in the sunshine is essential. A hat with a peak and a bib that covers the neck and ears is ideal. You’ll also need to pack a waterproof UV hat to protect baby’s delicate head in the pool.


Sun protection is vitally important to keep baby comfortable and healthy in the heat and sunshine. Choose a specially formulated sensitive range that’s more suitable for a baby, and make sure that you apply it frequently and generously. You’ll find a video on how to put suncreen on a baby at


Swimwear is essential for any summer holiday. Choosing the swimwear, you want to make sure that when it comes to your baby bump, coverage is so important. Forget tiny trunks and frilly bikinis – while they may be cute, they won’t protect baby from the sun’s rays, which are magnified through water.

Muslins and Blankets

Don’t forget to take baby’s favourite blanket to add the scent and feel of home to a strange bed come night-time. However, during the day, cotton muslins can be great to use as a light and cool cover-up when baby is exploring in his or her stroller.

Baby’s Favourite Toys

While there’s sure to be lots for baby to see and experience during your holiday, taking a few favourite toys is an essential. Check out some cheap great options at George at ASDA online and in store to keep them occupied and entertained. Little ones can quickly become restless while sightseeing and travelling, so consider stroller toys like musical buggy bars and attachable buggy books to keep little hands and eyes happy.

The Essentials

Of course, you’ll need to make room in the case for baby’s essentials, including nappies, wipes and feeding accessories. If bottle feeding you’ll need to take either pre-sterilised bottles or the means to sterilise while you are away. And if your baby has a dummy, don’t forget to pack plenty of spares!  Packing for baby doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Work through the above checklist and your little one’s suitcase will be ready for checking in and jetting off in no time!


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